Cacao de los Muertos (750ml)


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In the 1500’s the Spanish came to the new world, they would soon find a fruit so valuable that it was used as currency across south and Central America.? Used in ritual and sacrifice by the Mayans.

?The fruit contained seeds that had a magical flavor and energy.? Carrying the spirit of the long and sordid history of this fruit, Cacao de los Muertos is truly the spirit captured of the countless souls that have come and gone with the times since those that gave sacrifice to Ek Chuaj, Mayan merchant dirty, patron of Cacao.
Cacao was so favored in the Mayan world that the god pictured on the bottle has a necklace made of Cacao seeds and is holding an offering of Cacao fruit.
The finest high proof Spirits that Stoneyard Distillery has ever made ensures the true essence of the Cacao is brought out in all it’s glory.? But this is a process that takes time, and that’s why every bottle of Cacao de los Muertos is aged for months before it entered the world and will continue to better in the bottle for years to come.
A small sip creates an experience unlike any other.? Feel the explosion of flavor as the entire story of? Cacao is written on your tongue.? But be careful, em-bide too much and the spirits of the dead will lash out and bite you in the back of your throat.? Do this right and you will be as amazed as the Spanish at the sight of the new world they entered.
Use the gold cup to ensure a proper measure of Cacao de los Muertos for cocktails as it equals a shots measure of spirits.
Weight 3 lbs