The Process

First, the most important step with making any alcohol, clean, clean, clean, and sanitize. Then almost 1 ton of sugar, refined from sugar beets, is poured into “Twinkie” to heat it and dissolve it into what we call a “wash”. From there it is pumped into one of the 1000 gallon temperature controlled Fermentors. At this point we add the yeast and a secret cocktail of very important nutrients to keep the yeast fat and happy. 2 weeks later we have something that resembles a mix between Japanese sake, and white wine. A 10.5% alcohol that actually tastes quite good. That is then pumped back into “Twinkie” and heated to boiling, were it will remain for most of the day as we capture and refine the alcohol vapor that is pushed through our 12 foot tall distillation column. Once the heads and tails are set aside, we have around 40 gallons of high proof Beet Sugar Spirits to use as need to make the whole lineup of Stoneyard Products.